An open source VFX bidding framework!

10 x Faster VFX Bidding. All in Google Sheets, with ChatGPT included!

Shot templates, payment schedules, projected cash flow, compounding crew plans and so much more!

"As a production side VFX Supervisor with over 20 years in the industry, I deal with the tedious nature of bidding all the time! OpenBID has truly revolutionized the process, making it faster and more intuitive than ever before. Being built on Google Sheets, which we all already use anyway, makes it incredibly easy and the addition of ChatGPT is just the cherry on top! Trust me, try it, your future self will thank you!"

Brian Connor, Award-Winning VFX Supervisor - VES, BAFTA and OSCAR for ‘DUNE’

PLUS! With OpenBID Profit Planner, you get a multi-project view of your crew capacity for hundreds of bids, along with real-time tracking of changes for better cash flow projections.

See your crew capacity for each week and track the impact of any changes across all your other projects.

Filter by different projects, directors, producers, supervisors, dates and currencies to see your potential cash flow. 

Created by Marcus LeVere

VFX Supervisor with over 20 years of experience.

See how I bid 10x faster with OpenBID. Now with ChatGPT included!

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OpenBID 5 Features

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Easier to understand and use, with 50 new named functions with easy to follow explanations

Faster performance

Bid multiple shots per line item using Cuts

Improved layout for a better user experience

OpenBID CrewControl that automatically loads OpenBID spreadsheets into multi-project charts

Dynamically connect assets and shot templates quicker

Shots link directly to the individual shot template being used

Better ideal crew assignments set by default

More premade charts

#tags for assets, shots and shot templates

Includes ChatGPT

Includes DALL-E AI image creation

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