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Getting Started

The system is built upon these principles.

  1. Numerous small iterations
  2. Not creating perfect things just "good enough"
  3. Flexible, flexible, flexible 
  4. SCRUM Teams / Agile Development
  5. Earned Value Management
  6. Massively Distributed Collaboration / Crowd Sourcing

Now that you have a vfx2.0 account:

You can look at an example project and when you are ready create a project for your team by following the steps below:
  1. Create a a short (preferably 3 letter) code name for your project.
  2. Create a group named after your code name. This group is the email alias and controls team permissions.
  3. Create your initial project spreadsheet and answer the questions.
  4. Create your project site.

If you are techie and into a challenge we will be adding features using Google App Engine. What would you like us to add?

If you have any questions or comments visit http://groups.vfx2.com if you have any suggestions please go to http://moderator.vfx2.com. Thanks for visiting!